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Be Unstoppable: in a world of limitless possibilities who do entrepreneurial leaders count on for up-to-date information on everything to becoming a high-performance leader. To achieve excellence you must first take control of your life and develop a successful strategy with the Unstoppable DIVA. Check in with Connie Pheiff, as she cuts through the B.S. of leadership, personal development, productivity, influence, barriers, and opportunities to decide what’s best for you. Be Bold * Be Connected * Be Unstoppable. Produced by Parklane Media Group in partnership with ROP Strategy.
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Dec 26, 2016

Connie interviews Joel Boggess, the go-to guy for clarity, confidence, and direction. 

 If you're feeling stuck, under-challenged, or overwhelmed. This show is a must on your listening list. You will learn how to relaunch your life and start over with confidence. Find your voice and a new direction for your success. 


Dec 19, 2016

Connie Pheiff explores with Sylvie di Giusto how people whom you meet make quick decisions about you. People quick decide if they will vote for you, Buy something from you? Trust you? You have only 7-seconds to help them decide. This is that brief moment in time when others first see you, or your employees, whether it’s at a meeting, on the job, or at an interview. It happens in the blink of an eye. Like it or not, you are going to be judged. You are doing the same: You judge others, too. But can we trust these snap judgements? Sylvie works with leaders and organizations from around the world who place great importance in themselves and their reputation. She helps them to explore how people make up their minds quickly about them, their leadership potential, and either open the door for them or slam it shut.

Dec 12, 2016

Connie talks with Workplace Wellness expert Laura Putnam as she share why as a nation, we are sicker, fatter, and more stressed out than ever before. 

We are besieged by epidemics of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes – all of which are largely preventable. These are taking a huge toll on our well-being, and is having a dramatic effect on the bottom line – skyrocketing healthcare costs and reduced productivity, just to name a few.

Learn how to do it differently. Laura offers 10-steps to create workplace wellness programs that actually work.  

Be Bold * Be Connected * Be Unstoppable 

Nov 28, 2016

Randi Busee speaks on customer service audits ~ it’s an attitude people, not a department. Whether you’re working in a corporation or entrepreneur you should be acting like the owner of the business.

Randi is a proven partner to companies and business leaders who rely on her unparalleled customer service knowledge. Appearing on television, radio, and FIOS TV, Randi shares her expertise from her book Turning Rants into Raves: Turn your customers on before they turn on you 

Connie Pheiff is your unstoppable Diva advancing women in leadership to achieve excellence and Be Unstoppable.



Nov 22, 2016

Dan Black, VP of Client Engagement for Tortal Training shares why effective solutions are mostly science but also part art. Get advice from an experienced professional who has added b enefit of workign with the top minds in today's industry.  

You will also gain insight into why so many organizations believe that training is an off ramp for revenue and the pitfalls that often accompanyt the tendency to gravitate towards the latest shiny red button. 

-The 4 rights of training
-Rapid curriculum design
-Debunking myths about gamification, eLearning vs. instructor led and micro learning 

"Too many organizations believe that training is an off ramp for revenue and the pitfalls of many companies is to gravitate towards the latest shiny red button."




Nov 14, 2016

Former US Army Black Hawk pilot, Elizabeth McCormick was told "You can't do this"  by plenty of people on her way to reaching one of the top 2 spots in the nation for Army Warrant Officer school and being of the of the 100 women to fly the Black Hawk.  Following a medical military retirement due to an injury, Elizabeth took the corporate route with an international business until a massive layoff gave her a blessing in disguise.

Soar 2 Success International is the premier speaking and training company for high quality professional speakers.  Learn about Elizabeth McCormick's exciting up or out experience as a military leader, corporate negotiator and professional speaker.


Nov 7, 2016

What are you currently doing to advance your professional career and improve your personal image? Toastmasters is an organization dedicated to increasing individual competencies in communication and leadership skills development. Toastmasters International is a worldwide nonprofit educational organization with 350,000 members in 16,000 chapters located in 142 countries.

The benefits of Toastmasters in making a person the best choice in their professional career and in their personal lives through individual communication and leadership skills development. 

District 12 Conference Saturday, November 12, Riverside CA. To register go to

Helping women in leadership achieve excellence.

Be Bold * Be Connected * Be Unstoppable!

Nov 2, 2016

Julie Ann Sullivan speaks from experience. She is a revolutionary sharing her belief when people are given a new way of thinking they have a better attitude towards work and life.

Julie Ann Sullivan has spoken for and trained Fortune 500 companies, universities and schools, business, government, nonprofit, and healthcare facilities. Learn about Julie Ann Sullivan’s exciting up or out experience as a CPA, Certified Laughter Leader, Expert Level Practitioner, and professional speaker. 

Connie Pheiff is your unstoppable Diva advancing women in leadership to achieve excellence and Be Unstoppable!

Oct 11, 2016

When your message must be memorable, your presentation powerful, and your sale successful, you can’t go wrong with Patricia Fripp. Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), CPAE, Hall of Fame Keynote speaker, and Cavett Award (Oscar of Speaking). Names one of the 10 most electrifying speakers in North America by Meeting and convention magazine. Patricia Fripp delivers high-content, entertaining, dramatically memorable interview.

Listen and learn Frippicisms. The thoughts and witticisms from Patricia Fripp on Up or Out with Connie.


Oct 10, 2016

This week on Up or Out with Connie learn from internationally recognized, 2015 Brandon Hall Bronze Excellence in Learning award winner Brian Gracon. 

Implement a selling process and practice across your complete sales cycle. Do you have a sales cycle? Connie adds her magic sauce so you too can better serve your customer and increase sales just by changing your marketing strategies. 

Don't leave until you head over to and receive a 20% on Brian Gracon's book Meconomics 101® when you use CODE: CONNIE. Offer expires December 31, 2016. BeUnstoppable

While you're here subscribe to our page. This is Connie Pheiff, Unstoppable DIVA and you're listening to Up or Out with Connie. 

Oct 3, 2016

Learn from Jim Cathcart ~ What part of your life needs your attention. Is it spiritual, financial, family, business? All parts of your life are operating all the time. Multi-tasking is a myth, you're just chasing squirrels. Focus on one thing with everything you got ~ be out of balance. Don't be out of balance so long because the other parts of your life will knock you down. #BeUnstoppable #uporout #advancing womeninleadership

Sep 19, 2016

Kieran Flanagan is an influential leader in creative industries.  As a strategic leader consumer packaged goods (CPG) field for brands such as Coca-Cola and Unilever, she was responsible for one of the most successful product launches in Australia.   Kieran shares what she refers to as the Agility Advantage when it comes to navigating work of the future and re-thinking business models so you can be prepared for the workplace of tomorrow.

Sep 12, 2016
Eddie Turner is an Executive Coach, Facilitator and
Speaker who works with leaders to accelerate performance and drive business impact!
Eddie shares what it means to have facilitated collaboration and how it relates to leadership.
Aug 29, 2016

Nely Galán is a quintessential maker: She is a Latina media mogul, an entrepreneur, a teacher, a speaker, an Emmy Award winning producer, and an advocate for gender parity. Above all, she is SELF MADE. Dubbed the Tropical Tycoon” by The New York Times Magazine, Galán is one of the  entertainment  industry's  savviest influencers.

Learn how to make fear and failure your best friends.


Aug 22, 2016

More and more people are being called to awaken to a deeper, more enlightened purpose with their business or work in the world.

These are people who long to grow a business in alignment with something more Sacred, something On-Purpose, something in harmony with their values and the Calling of their Soul.

My guest this week is Dawn DelVecchio, a business mentor, marketing consultant and best-selling author of the book:  Spirit, Mind & Money: A New Conversation About Service and Success for Holistic Business Owners.

Aug 15, 2016

When do you know when to pivot?  What to do you do when you're ready to progress to the next level?  What is more important to you, fame or fortune?  This week, Connie answers listener questions and addresses how to pivot your profession or business to get where you want to be by leveraging some of the same principles that drive her success.

Aug 8, 2016

For any organization, people are both your greatest asset and sometimes your greatest source of frustration.  Today’s guest is speaker, coach and author, Jennifer Ledet.  Jennifer shares her expertise in identifying the biggest, ugliest and most common people problems your organization may have.  As someone whom finessed her people skills as a human resources director, Jennifer has helped several businesses solve their people problems by cutting through the BS.  A lively guest, Jennifer is never afraid to ask the tough questions to ensure leaders and teams get tot he heart of the matter in their “people problems.”

Aug 1, 2016
Social Media has opened a whole new world for celebrity product endorsers. Now it's easier than ever to find a celebrity who will post about your product on their Instagram feed for a fee. But does it work? Should marketers start budgeting to pay Kim Kardashian for liking their chicken nuggets?
Jeff Ernst, CEO and President at Smync, has built, grown and man aged sales and marketing organizations in businesses of all sizes, with over 20 years of marketing and management experience.  A lifelong entrepreneur, Jeff has worked over 10 years in tech including B2B startups in webcasting and web conferencing.
Jeff shares his expertise and insights in the power in word-of-mouth marketing, building and keeping an advocate community and he'll share best ways to increase social engagement.


Jul 25, 2016
Evan Hackel, the creator of the concept of Ingaged Leadership, is a recognized business and franchise expert and consultant. Evan is also a professional speaker and author.  Evan visits the Up or Out studios to share his success in helping business learn to create better growth and profitability by by bolstering organizational engagement, empowerment and collaboration.
Jul 18, 2016

Have you ever looked in the mirror and asked yourself "who is that person staring at me"?  What happens when you get derailed from the life you wanted to have?  Ruth Ross reached that point in her life and had to turn it around to get re-engaged.  Ruth Ross shares her 5 steps in how to become re-engaged with your passion.  

Jul 11, 2016

What hobbies, skills or passions do you have to drive your next professional move?  Often, when we look to find a new us, we're stuck in the thinking that we live two lives; our personal lives and our professional lives.  However, when you are seeking work that you can be excited about everyday, work that you love to do, they're often one in the same.  It's easy to look at things you do as a hobby and things you do in your profession and see how they don't match.  What if you could combine the two, leveraging your professional expertise and applying it towards personal passion?  That's what I did, listen to how I did it.

Jul 4, 2016

How do you find ways to relax and relieve stress in your work?  My guest this week is Dr. Moses Nasser.  Dr. Moses shares his expertise and insights in his meditation techniques rooted in love.  If you're an entrepreneur or climbing the corporate ladder, you are hurting your body's health.  Learning how to relax through guided meditations can greatly improve your health.  Listen to Connie Pheiff and Dr. Moses discuss his meditations that fit anyone's schedule. 

Jun 20, 2016

If your body is overstressed, this episode is for you.  The good news is, your body is designed to heal.  Stress management and energy coach, Cindy Kubica stops by Up or Out with Connie Pheiff to share her expertise in managing your stress and focusing on developing more energy.  

Jun 13, 2016

Corporate trainer and international speaker Donna Hanson shares with you key ways to be more effective with your time including her special 5 ways to save time with your email marketing.

Jun 6, 2016

Wendy Lipton-Dibner is a multiple-time, international bestselling author and leading authority on business acceleration through impact strategy and ethical influence.  She has built over ten successful businesses throughout her career and has the ability to help move people to action.  Learn more about how Wendy Lipton-Dibner shares her ability to create better engagement for her clients.  



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