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Connie Pheiff Show

Feb 3, 2019

You know him as a Kaizen practitioner and teacher working with business owners how to get laser-focused so that they 10X their business without the stress.
He has a unique ability to always see several steps ahead, and can often see in others what they can’t see in themselves. 

A visionary in the field of success and mindset coaching and teaches spiritual entrepreneurs and success seekers how to cultivate orderly thinking so that their success and happiness is inevitable. | and so much more, you want to keep listening because today we’re talking about:  
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Former executive turned Lifestyle entrepreneur, Connie Pheiff is ridiculously dedicated to inspiring individuals to activate their power & live their dream as a lifestyle entrepreneur. 
Each week we bring you confident conversations with today's leading entrepreneurs who made the bold choice to go from moving up the corporate ladder to moving out and building a successful lifestyle business. We are Unstoppable Together. 
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Let us know what you need to hear on a future episode of the Connie Pheiff Show. We are here to help Lifestyle Entrepreneurs activate your power and develop high-performance habits and be Unstoppable Together. 
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