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Connie Pheiff Show

Nov 19, 2018

She coaches hard-working professionals who are really killing it – and nearly killing themselves in the process. Maybe you're needing to pull yourself out of burnout now. Or maybe you can see high-stress times coming and want to front-load your resilience to keep you at your most productive and happy. Either way, our guest today is the coach you need to maintain your high productivity AND live your best life.

Lessons Learned: Your powerful relief comes from understanding why burnout happens to the best of us – Take action to recover.

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Former executive turned Lifestyle entrepreneur, Connie Pheiff is ridiculously dedicated to inspiring individuals to activate their power & live their dream as a lifestyle entrepreneur.

Each week we bring you confident conversations with today's leading entrepreneurs who made the bold choice to go from moving up the corporate ladder to moving out and building a successful lifestyle business. We are Unstoppable Together.

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