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Connie Pheiff Show

Dec 28, 2017

He pioneered the market in providing personalized, mobile education and training technologies, empowering corporate learners to be excellent in their jobs, and their companies to be the best in their respective fields.


Being instrumental with Scrimmage since 2012, the organization is experiencing YoY double digit growth, along with expansion into several new business segments and global markets, including EMEA and APAC. Our commitment to excellence in innovation, customer service, and culture guides our business. In 2016, Scrimmage won a GOLD Brandon Hall award for "Innovation Excellence in Mobile Sales Enablement," was nominated to both the "Learning Portal" and "Gamification" WATCH-LISTS by Training Industry Magazine, and recognized as an "Excellence in Innovation" finalist by LTEN. 


Currently CEO of Scrimmage, a modern mobile learning, development and training technology firm with a global footprint. I lead a dynamic growth business and a stellar team, overseeing its Sales & Marketing, Client Services and Technology divisions to ensure a proper alignment between evolving customer needs and innovation.


Prior to Scrimmage, Derek's previous experience focused on Business Development at leading research, intelligence, technology and training organizations, by delivering successful solutions and driving customer retention.  


In addition, Derek has co-founded and continue to support several companies, and remains active within the industry on a pro-bono basis, including several advisory roles with start-up firms and various trade organizations, along with facilitating respective business relationships in fields of interest.


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