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Connie Pheiff Show

Mar 27, 2017

Imagine meeting all your goals reached with the right negotiating skills. Everything is negotiable inside and outside the business world and Kwame Christian. A business lawyer and director of the American Negotiation Institute, a consulting firm that offers negotiation support, mediation services for business partners, and educational seminars, is here to tell you how to win at the art of negotiation. Whether you’re trying to get a better discount on that beautiful dress or sports car or trying to get your kids to clean up, chances are you are negotiating every day. In this episode, the host of “Negotiation for Entrepreneurs,” Kwame Christian shares how business professionals like you can successfully negotiate and be more persuasive. Develop your confidence to negotiate, and fill your toolbox with powerful negotiating skills. Pay attention, you will also learn how to get a free pastry at your local coffee shop.   


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