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Connie Pheiff Show

May 22, 2017

What can we learn from Coca Cola and Starbucks about branding? Find out from a marketing genius Paul Friederichsen, partner in The Blake Project, a major brand consultancy group helping companies and entrepreneurial leaders like you achieve brand legacies, just like Nike. Paul is the publisher of the Branding Strategy Insider - a newsletter with a readership of nearly 45,000 marketing professionals daily. In today’s episode Paul sits down with Connie and gives a 1:1 breakdown of “Branding in 7 Steps”. Paul shares what his decades of experience have taught him about branding. Following the next shiny star may seem tantalizing, but there is a better system to create a brand with impact. Find out how going out on his own was one of the best business decisions Paul made to be unstoppable. If you have enough business, then this is not the episode for you. Up or Out with Connie is the place to learn from thought leaders so you too will achieve excellence and Be Unstoppable Together.