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Connie Pheiff Show

Nov 25, 2020

Today’s guest is a ‘gamechanger’. A #1 best-selling author. Named as the #1 business and performance coach and keynote speaker.  Named TOP America Professional Business & Performance Coach 2019 & 2020 Global Visionary of the year.

TOP 30 2020 Global Gurus of Coaching next to Tony Robbins and Jack Canfield


Nov 23, 2020

As an adult standing 3 feet 8 inches, her life has been quite unique-  a whirlwind of challenges,

adventure, unusual opportunities and breakthroughs. The first half of her life was pretty much a downward spiral. By her early 30’s she thought it’s just too painful to go on.

Things changed when she discovered that her...

Nov 16, 2020

In an industry where tech companies barely survive 5 years, IGEL has made a mark for itself as the exception.

This small upstart German hardware company evolved over 20 years to become a leading innovator of software for cloud workspaces is an astonishing success story no one could have predicted.

This group is...

Nov 9, 2020

Today’s guest – where do I begin. Her philanthropic efforts have both a U.S. and International dimension raising millions of dollars for charitable organizations. | She sits on advisory boards around the globe including the International Council of the Museum of Decorative Arts in Parks. The President of Lithuania...

Nov 2, 2020

Keynote Speaker. Leadership Innovator. And Executive Coach teaches us how to get InSINC with our body, mind, and business.

You can connect with @JillTupper everywhere on your favorite social platform.

YOU are the BRAND

Working with the Everyman who are crazy enough to believe they can change the world. 

Connie Pheiff,...