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Connie Pheiff Show

Jan 11, 2018

Adam Pierno, Chief Strategy Officer at Santy and founder of Instil Strategy Training.   


-Strategy has become so highbrow and academic.

- It's BS meant to insulate the people selling it.

- I believe in speaking in plain words and being direct about audiences and strategic ideas. 


Change is the new normal. If you're standing still you're going backwards. Working with Mercedes-Benz and Verizon, they were still figuring out how to get an iPhone app to unlock the car doors when keys chipped to unlock the doors automatically ate their lunch. 


New companies actually have an advantage in this environment because they're not locked into legacy systems, like the grocery store. Disruption is making an established brands 'advantage' into a weakness. 

Nimble companies need to be flatter. Hierarchy is the enemy of speed and adaptability.  


 Santy is an ad agency built to guide businesses through change. Change won't stop in the marketplace; media, audiences, habits, competitors, technology. We hire people who are students of their craft and let them study the changes to show brands which can improve their business and which they can ignore.  


Adam has launched a startup inside of Santy called Instil Strategy that is focused on providing strategy training to ad agencies and marketing pros.  






Twitter: apierno 



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