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Connie Pheiff Show

Feb 10, 2020

About Our Guest: Julie Renee Doering is lauded globally for her medically documented DNA obliteration technique that removes harmful DNA. A mentor to the, she works with such luminaries as Jack Canfield, Marci Shimoff, actress Barbara Nven and a host of other celebrities. After experiencing Cellular Neo-Genesis, Canfield told Doering “My life has been on a major role in all areas – happiness, health, relationships, family, success, travel, income, influence, etc. And I am sure you have played a part in all of that.” Doering is the author of 12 books and offers more than 150 trainings and 180 transformative meditations.

A copy of Julie Renee’s book is available and you can read the study at:

Learn more about Julie Renee Doering at and on most social platforms

When we touch a heart we change a life

When we change a life we become unstoppable Together!

YOU are the BRAND

She was cleaning houses before filling houses, your host Connie Pheiff is a Philanthropist, Social Venture Entrepreneur, and #BeyondMeToo Activist is the Jewel in the Crown of the Pheiff Group, Inc. With her distinctive voice audiences everywhere know her. She is blessed from her work as a corporate CEO, award-winning speaker, Podcaster, Mentor, Coach and author. She is provocative, edgy, and brings a genuine humor to the platform. 

Connie is best known as the Unstoppable DIVA, former executive turned Media Industrialist. In addition to producing the Connie Pheiff Show, she is a serial-entrepreneur, author, speaker, and mentor with her most daring venture leading Talent Concierge, an artist agency with heart. 

Each week she brings you confident conversations with today's most daring thought-leaders who made the bold choice to go from moving up to moving out and building a successful lifestyle business.  

The Connie Pheiff Show is heard in 610 countries and tracking nearly 6M impressions each month. And she is not done yet…

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