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Connie Pheiff Show

Dec 18, 2019

Dylan Slattery, a 2-time cancer survivor before the age of 27, including a stage four diagnosis with less than 15 percent chance of living.  Then depression and PTSD like symptoms set in when losing his classmate and friend in an auto accident. Then losing 60 pounds in 18 months. Cancer gave this young man something to fight for at a time when it seemed life wasn’t worth fighting for.

Dylan found freedom being restrained to a hospital bed for 24-hours a day. Through the unconditional love of his family and friends he found the strength and resilience to fight the good fight.

Since 2016, his powerful message is helping every one of us learn that we can choose to Be a Cure, has been heard at live events from corporate audiences, athletic training camps, to association fundraisers. Dylan has presented at hospitals, universities, corporations, and Healthcare groups. He has shared the stage with major sports personalities and business industrialists, in addition to online videos with thousands of views. Dylan has appeared on everything from the The Daily Iowan to a live appearance Katie Couric and Hall of Fame Quarterback Jim Kelly. Merck Pharmaceuticals produced an online feature on his Cancer survival called, Your Cancer Game Plan.

In 2019, Dylan was welcomed into the Talent Concierge family.

Lessons Learned: Be the Cure

Learn more about Dylan Slattery on most social platforms #DylanSlattery

When we touch a heart we change a life

When we change a life we become unstoppable Together!

She was cleaning houses before filling houses, your host Connie Pheiff is a Philanthropist, Social Venture Entrepreneur, and #BeyondMeToo Activist is the Jewel in the Crown of the Pheiff Group, Inc. With her distinctive voice audiences everywhere know her. She is blessed from her work as a corporate CEO, award-winning speaker, Podcaster, Mentor, Coach and author. She is provocative, edgy, and brings a genuine humor to the platform. 

Connie is best known as the Unstoppable DIVA, former executive turned Media Industrialist. In addition to producing the Connie Pheiff Show, she is a serial-entrepreneur, author, speaker, and mentor with her most daring venture leading Talent Concierge, an artist agency with heart. 

Each week she brings you confident conversations with today's most daring thought-leaders who made the bold choice to go from moving up to moving out and building a successful lifestyle business.  

The Connie Pheiff Show is heard in 610 countries and tracking nearly 6M impressions each month. And she is not done yet…

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