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Connie Pheiff Show

Sep 26, 2018

About our Guest:
Billee Howard is the Founder and CEO of Brandthropologie Media, an artist collective dedicated to placing brands and their leaders at the collision point of culture and commerce. She works with her clients to create captivating stories that are consumed shared and drive meaningful engagement. She does this through her proprietary executive produce your brand process to develop produce and distribute her clients winning narratives.

She is also the author of We-Commerce, which has been rated a must read by Inc. CIO and Investopia for thoughts and strategies to succeed and lead in the sharing economy. Billee is also a contributor to Forbes and HuffPost on the topics of the sharing economy, marketing and the power of storytelling as a business competency.

Billee has worked for 15 years at the world’s leading PR firm Weber Shandwick and founded their Global Strategic Media Practice, which was focused on telling stories globally for the world’s leading brands and their CEOs. In this capacity she had the privilege of taking MasterCard public, repositioning DreamWorks Animation as a leading tech brand, and helping Samsung make one of its biggest splashes in the US by launching #D TV and managing their corporate brand. She first started in communications as the press secretary of the Philippines.

She loves to read, cook and go to the beach. Her three favorite places in the world are Paris, East Hampton and St Barts.

Lessons Learned:
Everywhere you look across business and culture collaboration is the driving force

Uber and Airbnb are billion dollar companies invented through the model of sharing vs ownership. But companies like GE, Marriott and Nike are inventing their futures around the same principles ie GE Predix. Sharing is the ultimate currency of business today and is about way more than hailing a car or renting out a person’s home.


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