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Connie Pheiff Show

Dec 29, 2017

  • From Eyrie Wines to the Hotel Eyre - From boutique hotels to magnificent waterfront developments, learn the real dirt on this meteoric rise of  Pacific Northwest wine from it’s humble farming origins to a new spectacular waterfront development. In 1977 there was approximately 100 wineries and vineyards combined in the state of Oregon, and today in 2017 there are over 700, with luxury hotels and restaurants accompanying the spectacular rise of the wine industry.
  • Kerry is a sixth generation Oregonian. Her relatives came to Oregon on the second federal wagon train to the territory in 1844 and liked the land so much they stayed and succeeded. Kerry is also an Oregon wine pioneer and has sold wine from Seaside, Oregon to Shanghai, China. She also writes, promotes and speaks about the beverage, food and hospitality industries, but she started by planting one pinot noir vine at a time in the dirt high up on a Oregon hilltop vineyard. Her job was watering the grape vines in their infancy, tying them in the spring and helping harvest them in the falll, followed by learning how to sell the bottles post-production.  This experience compelled her to get a degree in journalism and travel the world writing about and and ultimately selling wine in unusual places, like the tarmac at the Paris Airshow and The Bund Restaurant in a Shanghai skyscraper. She is developing a podcast called Sublime Food and Wines and has written two books, “Vineyard Memoirs” 2004 and Dirt+Vine=Wine 2015. She writes for the Oregon Wine Press and has contributed to the BinWise Wine Blog, a San Francisco technology company wine inventory service used by sommeliers in upscale restaurants.  “You’ll never sell wine here, this is a beer drinking state,” said one of her farming neighbors as her  family planted their Dundee Hills vineyard in 1972.  Well, they persevered and they succeeded, luckily for her because it gave her a lifetime of stories to write about.
  • Helping wine, hotel and hospitality industries tell and sell their stories, their powerful, unique brand message - in a  remarkable, memorable way. I also give presentations and trainings for conferences, retreats and customized company branding campaigns. I’ve worked with multiple west coast wineries from small-label to global wine producers including Foley Food and Wine Society, written about food/beverage hospitality industry companies including New York's famed Union Square Hospitality Group.


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